Autoviewer 3.2

What IS Autoviewer?
Autoviwer is an elegant, easy to use presentation system for 360 degree VR Panoramic tours. Autoviewer is a set of JAVASCRIPT code snippets which can be embedded and customized into any pre-exiting webpage. Drop in the snippets, upload your VR's, set your variables and your tour is ready to go!

What ISN'T Autoviewer?
Autoviewer in and of itself cannot display panoramic tours. It relies upon two pre-exisiting technologies to work: The Plugin-based Quicktime or the Applet-based PTViewer. One of the many features of Autoviewer is to determine the type of environment the VR will be displayed in, and choose automatically which technology will give the viewer the best experience. For an entirely JAVASCRIPT based display system with distortion emulation go to to see another product under development.

Why use Autoviewer?
Displaying a VR tour is not as simple as dropping a graphic into a website. The Windows Media Player can hijack the file and attempt to play it rather than using Quicktime (QT), sometimes QT is not available or wanted, sometimes there are ActiveX considerations to take into account, sometimes the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is not available or wanted, and finally, people don't like to see lots of alert messages when these things are not present. Autoviewer takes into consideration all of these problems plus alot more. All the coding is done for you.

What are the features of Autoviewer?
Here is the complete feature list with Autoviewer Features with an "*" are only present only if the environment allows it. Not all browsers/platforms are capable of these features. If the feature is unavailable it is automatically removed from the viewer: How much is Autoviewer?
It's currently FREE to the VR Community to use. These programming techniques have been around for years, but no one has put them all together in an easy to use format.

How do I get it and install it?
Click on one of the following links to download it (they both contain the same files, just are compressed differently for each platform.) Follow the instructions in the README.TXT file and they will aid your through setting up your first tour.


Can I see a Demo?
Two simple tours are includeed in the file to illustrate how the folder structure works between a multiple tour system. These can be seen online right now by going to

Bug Fixes
Autoviewer 3.0 : Began Bug Fix Log
Autoviewer 3.1 : Fixed glitch with .pntg files and Safari 1.0 browser. This change effects just four files in the code folder: autoviewer.js, display.js, testpcie.html and a creation of new file, uneedqt4.qtif
Autoviewer 3.2 : Now supports Safari 1.2 + browsers! This change effects autoviewer.js and display.js

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